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Help Preserve Your Relationship Happiness

Even the most stable and longest lasting relationships can run into trouble every once in a while. If the couple cannot talk things out, it might be time to bring in a professionally trained third party. Counselling in a relationship is perfectly normal and a service used by millions throughout the world.


Many people try to talk out problems and sometimes seek advice from friends. This is not really a good idea as many friends have specific people they may lean towards, taking that individual’s side and not seeing the whole picture. That’s why it’s best to talk problems through with a professional who has no stake in one side proving that the other is wrong.

Professional counselors see couples for a number of visits, asking questions and recording responses. From those meetings, they are able to formulate advice. In most cases, such advice is wholly optional, but if the couples do try it out, the therapist asks them to report back. Based on their success or failure, the counselor then asks them to try a different approach or move on to the next stage.

The ongoing success or failure of these different exercises provides the guide for the counselor to make his or her recommendations about whether the relationship is salvageable or best abandoned. If it turns out to be the latter, don’t feel bad. If anything, this news will save you from months or possibly even years more of unhappiness. Sometimes you just need permission from someone else to make the next move in improving your life.

If you do not wish to go this route, there are other options, including relationship advice speakers who address audiences about particular topics. These men and women can be highly informative, but the format they use will not provide specific answers to the problem you and your partner are facing.