Memorable Guest Book Alternatives to Get People Talking

It’s a classic wedding staple. A guest book lets you preserve and relive moments from your special day for years to come. But the good old-fashioned guest book is starting to show its age.

Most of us have already done away with other keepsakes, like photo albums, so we don’t have a special place in our homes to put something like a guest book. Too often, what should be a cherished gift ends up in a box or on a bottom shelf, collecting dust.

But we all know it’s not the book itself that makes it special – it’s the memories. There are plenty of other, creative way to preserve your guests’ well-wishes on your wedding day. Check out three of our favourite guest book alternatives.

Video Messages

Instead of leaving something for guests to sign, set up a booth where they can record a short video message for you and your spouse. If you haven’t got a camera and tripod on hand, you can use set up a quick and easy DIY photo booth using a smart phone or tablet.

Pros: It’s fun, easy, and invokes more vivid memories than a book or an object could If your guests are creative, videos are sure to produce some hilarious and heartwarming moments.

Cons: It takes some time set-up, and video messages aren’t something you can display in your home. Like the classic guest book, there’s always a chance it’ll end up buried at the bottom of a memory card and forgotten.

Decorative Objects

Love the idea of a guest book, but want something more interesting? Have your guests write their messages on a special object instead of a page. The object can then be used as a striking decoration in the heart of the marital home.

If your wedding has a theme, choose something that goes along with it. Alternatively, pick something that celebrates you and your partner’s mutual interests. Swing by this article for tons of suggestions for creative guest book alternatives.

Pros: Your guest book will become a conversation piece, letting you relive the memories whenever you welcome guests into your home.

Cons: It’s inevitable that your design sensibilities will change over time. What seems like a cool decor piece now may not appeal to you in the future, and it would be a shame to have to stash it in the basement ten years down the road.

Wall Art

Want to compromise between the traditional and the traditional? Prepare a piece of art guests can collaborate on to create a memorable masterpiece. There are tons of ideas for beautiful guest book art online, such as fingerprint art, jigsaw puzzles, and posters. You could also have guests sign a matte frame to use with your wedding photos. Love and Lavender has gathered a bunch of inspiring examples here.

Pros:¬†Guest book art can be as complicated or as simple as you wish. Guests love a chance to get creative, and it’ll definitely bring out some thoughtful and special messages. Plus, it’s easy to find a place for the finished piece in your home.

Cons: Well…about that creativity thing. When you have dozens of people all signing the same ‘page’, you can never be sure what the final product will look like. You can’t separate the cute messages from the crude. You’ll have to put some faith in them to collaborate responsibly!