Should Kids Be on Your Wedding Guest List?

For some couples, making the guest list is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. There are always a few people you have to invite to make your family happy, but when it comes to the rest, who makes the list says a lot about the people who matter to you.

It’s not just a question of costs limiting how many people you can invite. Your guests do as much for tone of your wedding as the decor and venue itself. Who you invite is just as important as how many people you invite.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether children are welcome at the event. Unless the soon-to-be spouses have children themselves, the presence of kids at the wedding is an open question – one you need to answer sooner than later.

Should Kids Be Welcome at the Wedding?

You don’t have to have your own kids to understand why some would object to bringing children to a wedding. Weddings are usually formal affairs, carefully choreographed to produce the vision the couple and their families have in mind.

But most kids under 12 don’t do the whole ‘formal’ thing all that well. And who can blame them? For a child, a wedding is a long, drawn-out ordeal that demands patience and quiet. Most of the guests are boring adults in stuffy There’s just not a lot to do there. Even the best-behaved kids can get antsy when they’re made to sit still and shut up for hours on end.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding in the company of children, you’ve probably seen firsthand how things usually go. They can usually keep quiet during the ceremony, since it’s still early in the day, but they get restless as the reception drags on. By the time dinner rolls around, it’s not surprising to see children running rampant around the hall, indifferent to your carefully-laid plans for an intimate and magical affair.

On the other hand, leaving children off the wedding list can create conflicts. Chances are, at least some of your guests have kids of their own. They’ll either have to find a babysitter or decline your invitation. That can be a problem, especially if they’ll have to travel some distance to attend. They may also feel slighted that their family isn’t welcome at your special day, especially if you’re close to their kids as well.

If you do plan to implement a “no kids” policy, you should follow a few basic rules to minimize the potential for conflict:

  1. Decide early. Give parents plenty of time to find a babysitter for the day.
  2. Let everyone know. Be honest and upfront about your wishes. Don’t wait for people to have to ask you about it. That doesn’t mean you need a big “no kids allowed” sticker on your invitation; just call your friends and family with children and explain your wishes.
  3. Be cautious inviting some kids but not others. This is a controversial subject. For some, it’s perfectly fine to invite close relatives, like nieces and nephews, while leaving other children off the guest list. Others consider it unfair. If you go this route, it’s best to explain your reasoning when you tackle the second point.


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How to Plan a Restaurant Wedding Reception

No, we’re not talking about the folks who get married at McDonald’s. More and more couples are foregoing the stuffy banquet halls of the past in favour of cozy, high-end eateries.

Restaurants are a popular choice of venue for couples who want good food and an intimate, laid-back reception. Though there’s usually less space for guests, having a restaurant reception takes a lot of the stress out of planning the event.

There’s minimal set-up, as high-end restaurants are already perfectly polished. You won’t have to worry about hiring a caterer, since the venue comes with a team of experienced servers and chefs. It’s also usually less expensive than booking a larger venue (but don’t forget to add gratuity).

The biggest draw of a restaurant reception is, of course, the food. Caterers can be pretty hit-and-miss. If you’ve attended a few weddings, you can probably think of at least one where the food was forgettable (or memorable for the wrong reasons). With a restaurant, you have plenty of opportunity to sample their wares ahead of time, and lots of feedback available from diners online. Plus, unlike caterers, restaurants care about repeat business – they want your guests to come back for seconds!

Thinking of going the restaurant route? Keep the following in mind:

  • Decide on the number of guests before you choose a venue. Make sure there’s enough space to accommodate them, noting that there may be a few last-minute plus-ones. Ideally, you’ll want to trim the guest list to 100 or fewer people.
  • Make sure there’s enough space. Not only does the venue limit the number of people you can invite, it may also limit what you can have in terms of a DJ, photo booth, and dance floor. Be realistic about what you can fit in the space.
  • Be mindful of kids. If there will be children at the wedding, make sure there’s a kid-friendly menu.
  • Consider the restaurant’s busy season. Spring and summer are prime wedding season, but the restaurant industry usually peaks in November and December. Make sure you account for this as you plan, and try to schedule it six to twelve months in advance.
  • Can you bring what you need? Some restaurants aren’t keen on people bringing in outside decor or food (like a cake), even for weddings. Make your expectations clear when you meet with staff.
  • See what they’ve done for other weddings. If it’s a popular spot, check out professional photos from other events at the restaurant to see if it’s what you envision.
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How Often Do You Say “I Love You”?

Communication is one of the most important components of any relationship. Whether it is something as simple as letting the other person know you will be late for dinner or having a profound talk about your future, it is important for both partners to understand how the other feels.

You have probably watched movies where a girl browbeats a guy over the fact that he has a hard time saying “I love you” to her. According to an article in Metro News, most people first say “I love you” three months into a relationship. Some of us sweat about when it is appropriate to make the leap and express that sort of affection and commitment. If you say it too soon, it sounds empty, but if you wait too long, the other person might wonder why you have not expressed a deep sense of caring for them.

Some men have trouble communicating when it comes to subjects as serious as affection and longing. Sex is easy for most guys and some will mistake that as a way of getting the point across without having to actually say it. That certainly can be true, but there is not always love in sex and vice versa. Sometimes you really just have to hear the other person say it to know that the feeling is there.

Are you afraid to say “I love you”? This article in Psychology Today discusses some of the common reasons why people have trouble taking this step.

How often do you say “I love you” to your partner? Is this something you do everyday without thinking to the point where it does not have the same meaning anymore? Or do you save it for those occasions when you really feel indebted to her or him for the way they have positively changed your life?

Love Advice

Help Preserve Your Relationship Happiness

Even the most stable and longest lasting relationships can run into trouble every once in a while. If the couple cannot talk things out, it might be time to bring in a professionally trained third party. Counselling in a relationship is perfectly normal and a service used by millions throughout the world.


Many people try to talk out problems and sometimes seek advice from friends. This is not really a good idea as many friends have specific people they may lean towards, taking that individual’s side and not seeing the whole picture. That’s why it’s best to talk problems through with a professional who has no stake in one side proving that the other is wrong.

Professional counselors see couples for a number of visits, asking questions and recording responses. From those meetings, they are able to formulate advice. In most cases, such advice is wholly optional, but if the couples do try it out, the therapist asks them to report back. Based on their success or failure, the counselor then asks them to try a different approach or move on to the next stage.

The ongoing success or failure of these different exercises provides the guide for the counselor to make his or her recommendations about whether the relationship is salvageable or best abandoned. If it turns out to be the latter, don’t feel bad. If anything, this news will save you from months or possibly even years more of unhappiness. Sometimes you just need permission from someone else to make the next move in improving your life.

If you do not wish to go this route, there are other options, including relationship advice speakers who address audiences about particular topics. These men and women can be highly informative, but the format they use will not provide specific answers to the problem you and your partner are facing.


Best Style Of Photography For Your Special Day

weddingDeciding on who will photograph during your special day is your own style decision. It is just like your preference colors or venue. Pictures are important to have during wedding day. It captures mostly the unforgettable moments and unexpected ones. Also, know what your options when choosing the right photographer to hire for you will not be disappointed at the end. Nowadays, there are many photographers you can hire but not all of them are capable to do your taste of style. Before you choose, know yourself and your partner on the things you desired and the stylishness you want to achieve. Once you are done or you finalized everything, you can now search which photographer you can appoint. You can choose using the internet for easy access and you will be able to see their feedback online, that can help you decide. The other way of searching the photographer you want is to ask some of your friends or family that they had experienced hiring before with good feedback that they can recommend to you.

There are many style in photography you can choose. It will determine the purpose and style during your wedding that will be memorable not only for the couple but also to the family and friends. Looking for the best wedding photographer Miami will surely make your wedding successful. The styles can be digital which is the most common way of shooting. Next is film that produce soft, organic quality pictures. There is also a classic style which is a type of picture that is gorgeous, striking and a bit formal like your grandparents or parents’ wedding album had.

The other one is artistic style which the photographer capture the couple having fun and enjoy the moment of their special day. The style lifestyle is photojournalism redefined. There will be some direction and styling that the photographer will give but he/she will let the couple do it in their own terms. To have unique style, you can choose the dramatic and lastly the documentary style which the photographer will capture all candid or spontaneous pictures of people, decoration and action in the event. You can choose beautiful wedding photography in Miami in no time.


Pre-Wedding – What To Wear To Parties

As your wedding date gets closer, there’s more and more events that you’re going to attend. So what do you wear to these pre-wedding events like the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner? Read on to find out.

Engagement Party

The engagement party is all about having fun and celebrating your engagement. Depending on your plans, wear a short dress that shows off your curves. If it’s during the daytime, a white or light colored dress will work best. If it’s at night, again you could go for a tight white dress or even a black one. Pair it with bright red lips and off you go!

Bridal Shower


For the bridal shower, we all tend to think about pastels and pretty summer dresses. As the bride, wear a white summer dress, short or long, and be comfortable! Pair it with a cute pair of wedges or espadrilles and light pink lips for that perfect summer flair.

Bachelorette Party

Whether it’s Vegas, Miami or just your hometown, your bachelorette party is all about having fun with your girls before the big date. This is your chance to let loose and dance the night away. Wear a white dress and get all your girlfriends to dress in black or other bright colors so that you’ll stand out. Make sure to pair with with some stiletto black heels for that last night of partying with your girlfriends as a single girl!

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is all about spending those last moments with your family before the big day. It should feel comfortable and happy. Dress in an elegant dress in beige, gold or black and either pin your hair up or tie it in a low ponytail with loose waves. Show your parents and your parents to be the mature lady you are. Pair your outfit with a pair of black pumps, cute clutch and dangly earrings. You’ll be the star of the night.