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Would You Accept Corporate Money to Pay for Your Wedding?

We all know just how expensive a wedding can be. Perhaps you have spend many a sleepless night thinking about it? Between the clothes, the rings, the food, the alcohol, the hall rental, and every other incidental, you could make a very large house down payment for what the average wedding now goes for. We do not for one second blame anyone who wishes to thoroughly analyze their wedding preparations and make cost-cutting changes where appropriate.

But how far would you be willing to go in compromising your vision of the perfect wedding ceremony and reception? Some couples have also now turned to the recent trend of crowdfunding in order to help meet their nuptial bills. Would you be willing to accept advertising in order to help defray the cost?

Sponsor My Event is one such site where you can find couples can solicit sponsors to make their dream day everything they hoped it would be. In exchange, the company would be able to feature advertising at the event.

Our take is that it just sounds tacky. Certainly everyone has their dream of what a wedding should be, but it should also be something that centres solely on the union of the couple, not some company’s desire to further promote itself.

If your wedding plans are beyond your budget, and there is no feasible way for you to raise the necessary funds, then you must be willing to compromise. What are the things you truly don’t absolutely need? Do you really need 150 people? Cut it down to 75. Do you really need a free bar? Make it a cash bar. Do you need such a big reception hall? Rent a smaller venue.

Be realistic and you can still have a very magical day. When all is said and done, it’s the couple that counts, not the frills.