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Can’t Think of a Wedding Gift? Try One of These Suggestions

The big day is coming up, but you’re still stumped about what to get the lucky couple? In most cases, a gift registry can make things easier, but not when every appealing item on them has already been taken. If you’re thinking of the gift last resort —money— don’t worry, we’re here to help save you from looking lazy and unimaginative! Try one of the following instead:

4K Television

These are the height of current TV technology, but have not been on the market too long, so there is a good chance that the couple does not already have one. The good news is that, as long as you don’t choose one 80 inches and up, they are surprisingly cheap considering the incredibly high-quality picture they deliver.

Keepsake Box

Your friends will be inundated with cards, small gifts, and other special things that can lost or stolen if not properly filed. A sturdy and very nicely designed keepsake box will help them to properly store these items so they can be enjoyed in excellent condition at a later date.

Special Gift Card

We know what you’re thinking! This sounds lazy, but it’s not because the gift card will be used in the place where the couple is honeymooning. Find out where they are staying and choose a nice restaurant nearby.

Food or Drink Subscription

Think about the food or wine the couple enjoys. Many of these are now available via subscription and can be sent directly to their home on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. If you are stumped about these categories, you can also do the same with flowers.

Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

One of the great things about smartphones is their bluetooth functions. Buy a portable speaker for the couple and they can listen to music anywhere inside or outside their home. Some also allow you to make and receive phone calls.