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Planning Your Winter Wedding

Many Canadians plan to have their weddings during the warmer months of the year. There is just something about the first buds of spring that is so appropriate for the start of a couple’s married life. Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor ceremony and reception, and fall offers a bouquet of lovely colours that also provide a memorable backdrop for such occasions.

For most of us, however, winter is another story. Sure, a White Christmas is lovely and desirable, but unless you enjoy winter sports, this time of year can be a major drag. However, an increasing number of Canadians are choosing the colder months to start their married relationship.

While the actual ceremony and reception occur indoors, the married couple and the wedding party can still pose outdoors against some gorgeous snowy backdrops. When done right, this can lend an appealingly fantasy-like quality to the images and you will find many wedding photographers showcasing such pictures.

Having a wedding around Christmastime also offers logistical advantages. Some family members live a distance away, but if they are already coming to the area for the holidays, they don’t have to make an extra trip.

From a design standpoint, winter offers many creative possibilities for everything from the wedding cake and favours to the venue design.

There can be some challenges, however. There is no way to control the weather, so you could end up with a snowstorm that makes it impossible to get good shots outside, and cause going to and from the venue to become a major issue. (Tip: try to book a reception hall close to the church. Even better tip: have them both in the same building) Even though the wedding party will not be outdoors for too long, it is still a good idea to wear something warm underneath your outfit.